About me

Who am I?

My name is Margaret Cappa and I am a Canadian journalist.

I hold a Bachelor of Journalism High Honours Degree from the Carleton School of Journalism in Ottawa, Canada, with a minor in Film Studies.

During my degree, I specialized in the areas of online reporting, political reporting and multimedia journalism.

To date, my journalistic work has been featured in the Barents Observer (Kirkenes, Norway), The Globe and Mail, the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce magazine The Voice, Capital News Online, Centretown News and News Durham Region.

For more about me check out my PERSONAL WEBSITE

Why am I in Norway?

In April 2010, I was awarded one of two Carleton Norway Journalism Awards by Her Excellency Else Berit Eikeland, the Norwegian Ambassador to Canada.

Official announcement of the Carleton Norway Journalism Award

Along with fellow recipient Chantaie Allick, I will be researching and writing stories on such topics as fish farming, environmental technology and other policy issues that affect both Norway and Canada as northern countries.

The internship is based at the Barents Observer in Kirkenes, Norway, which is located north of the Arctic Circle.

Please stay tuned for frequent blog posts of my daily experiences and journalistic work!



  1. Hi Margaret,

    I am a Canadian of Norwegian descent also living in Ottawa. In my early 20s I lived in Norway and continue to read Norwegian newspapers online. You should check out this Web site if you want a good understanding of just how little Norwegian media understand Canada. So often, we are simply lumped in with the United States, even if the story being reported on has nothing to do with Canada, maybe something to watch for when you’re in Norway:


    Lykke til i Norge


  2. Hi Margaret Cappa,

    I am very excited to read your upcoming articles on Norwegian life. I am big admirer of your work and I anticipate learning more about what is happening above the arctic circle.


    Julie Dagenais

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