Posted by: Margaret Cappa | May 30, 2010

May 28: Bugøynes

Hey there! It’s been two days since I wrote, but I have been working a lot – which is a great thing. Doing a lot of interviews and learning a lot. The Barents Observer is keeping me quite busy in the day time and at night we have often had appointments. But here I am, and I’m ready to fill you in on the amazing past few days!

Here is a link to my latest article: “Russian Sami – how much do you know about them?”

So today, Kim (a colleague from the Barents) drove Chantaie and I to Buygoynes for a day of interviews. On the way there we saw a lot of wildlife! We saw two moose, two herds of reindeer and a couple Arctic hares. It was amazing, within the span of one hour we saw all of that! And, most of it’s on video too, which you can see in the vlog.

We plan to generate around four stories from this trip.  It’s a small fishing town about 100 km from Kirkenes, on the northeast tip of Norway. The King Crab industry in this town of 200 inhabitants is huge. Historically, cod was the name of the game in Bugoynes. But when the cod stocks collapsed in the early 80s, it appeared as if Bugoynes would shut down. Then came in the King Crab. It wasn’t right away, and King Crab wasn’t a viable industry until the early 2000s, but now the cod stocks are back and King Crab is giving fisherman yet another economic opportunity.

We interviewed the managing director of Norway King Crab, a Russian scientist who works with King Crab, and, Chantaie and I HELD a King Crab – a 6-year-old, 7 lb King Crab.

(more blog – important – below)

Now, as I said, Bugoynes is a town of roughly 200. Many of its residents are of Finnish descent, and those 5o years of age and older speak a rare and dying Finnish dialect called  “Meiðänkieli,” meaning “our language.” The younger generation hasn’t learned the language, so it will die with those who currently speak it. Chantaie and I interviewed a man, Øyvind Seipæjærvi, who speaks the language.

Please find below an audio slideshow we recorded, photographed and produced:


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