Posted by: Margaret Cappa | May 21, 2010

May 20: Fish Farming Excursion

Excellent, excellent day.

Our colleague at the Barents Observer, Jonas, took drove us out to a Kirkenes fish farm to interview its general director. It was really interesting to actually visit a fish farm and see how it all works.

This one, Kirkenes Charr, grows and exports arctic char. The fish live in very cold, freshwater that comes from the Norwegian mountains. Kirkenes Charr farm is particularly newsworthy because it won Norway’s highest acclaim for the best raw seafood product last year. Their fish has now been in high demand in Norway and especially in Russia.

They export 1/2 million fish per year and in their three-year life, the farm has never had a disease outbreak. In fact, a fish has never died of illness there.

When we got back to the office, Chantaie and I did a story package – she wrote the story part and I did a video story! It was great working as a team on it.

Check out the story package on the Barents Observer

Video story:


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